WSSH has a very active research program and we welcome enquiries from people wishing to work with us.

Ways to get involved may be by:

Undertaking a PhD, a MPhil (1 year), or a student placement

You should consider this, if you:

  • are keen to develop your research skills,
  • have a passion for HIV, STIs & Sexual Health and
  • are broadly interested in the current research topics of the department

Australian Permanent Residents/Citizens - are able to undertake either MPhil or PhD studies free of charge, as the Federal Government pays these tuition fees. However, you will still need to identify funding for living expenses (typically around $35,000 per year). There are a number of funding opportunities to potentially assist with this, such as:

Overseas Applicants – will need to identify funding sources for the tuition fees (typically $44,500 per year), together with living expenses (typically a further $35,000 per year). Your government or relevant international funding bodies may be worthwhile exploring. Please note that it is generally very difficult for overseas applicants to get funding from within Australia.

Student Placements – We welcome any undergraduate or postgraduate students currently undertaking studies who wish to undertake a research project or join a research project as part of an elective term, independent learning project or extended skills term. You will need to have the necessary clearance via ClinConnect which can be facilitated via your university or institution.

For further enquiries, please contact:

Professor David Lewis on +61 2 97625386 or david.lewis2@sydney.edu.au

Establishing new collaborative research projects with our team

We welcome enquiries concerning the possibility of undertaking collaborative research with Australian and International partners. All requests are considered at our Research Coordination Committee which are held on a monthly basis. Currently, we have ongoing and planned research collaborations with researchers working in several Australian states and territories as well as internationally.

Please address all enquiries to:

Professor David Lewis on +61 2 97625386 or david.lewis2@sydney.edu.au

Participating in ongoing research activities including clinical trials

If you think you may be able to contribute as a participant in one of our current research projects or clinical trials, please contact the lead investigator listed for the relevant project(s). The full list of our Centre’s current research activities is available here.