DACS Clinic (Dysplasia and Anal Cancer Services)

The DACS Clinic is a combined research/clinical service with a variety of programs designed to evaluate diagnostic and treatment approaches to anal pre-cancers and anal cancers.

Where is it held?

The clinic takes place at the Applied Medical Research Clinical Research Program unit (AMR-CRP), which is located at:

Level 4, Xavier Building
St Vincent’s Hospital
Victoria Road
New South Wales 2010, Australia

The telephone number for appointments is +61 2 8382 3707

Who is seen there?

It is a referral-based service, which only sees people by appointment. If you think you need to be seen by the clinic, discuss the matter with your doctor first.

What happens there?

Patients are initially assessed for anal pre-cancers and anal cancer, using a variety of techniques including anal Pap smears, detection of High Risk HPV and high resolution anoscopy. Please note that this both a research and clinical facility.

Where can I get further information?

Follow the links for further information on this site:

SPANC Clinical Trial

This is a research program investigating anal cancer screening technologies in homosexual men aged 35 years and over. If you would like to participate, please visit the SPANC website. The trial will be closing to new entrants in July 2015.