Key activities

Key activities and functions of AMRC are:

  • To assemble and make available key data and information on developments within the Mekong Region, including policy papers, reports and maps.
  • To promote and undertake policy-oriented research aimed at capacity-building, network facilitation and public understanding.
  • To provide training in research, development management and GIS for staff of governmental agencies, universities, NGOs and students in the region
  • To support and promote focused postgraduate and undergraduate Honours research on the Mekong, bringing together students from countries within the region and from Australia. We also have provision to host visiting researchers from other institutions in Australia, the Mekong Region, and elsewhere, including post-doctoral staff.
  • To make available information to media, NGOs, governmental agencies, academics and others with an interest in the Mekong Region.
  • To share scientific data and policy advice with non-government groups
  • To provide a forum for dialogue, discussion and debate on Australia and other international actors’ roles within the region.
  • To provide an Australian "node" in the international network of interest in Mekong issues.
  • To develop a stakeholder approach among diverse interest groups working in the Mekong Region, with a primary focus on the development/environment nexus.

More information on AMRC activities is available on the following links: