Thesis collection

Recent theses

Alexander, Kim. 2007. Agricultural change in Lao PDR: Pragmatism in the face of adversity. PhD Thesis, Charles Sturt University, Thurgoona.

Chann, Sopheak. 2009. Examining Land Cover Change in the Upstream Region of Stung Chinit Catchment, Cambodia, and the Potential Impact on Hydrological Processes. Thesis for Master of Applied Science (coursework), University of Sydney, Sydney.

Griffiths, Kate. 2011. Cultures of Aid: Chinese Aid to Cambodia. Masters Thesis, University of Sydney, Sydney.

Khiev, Daravy. 2010. Challenges of Participatory Irrigation Management in Cambodia: The case of Damnak Ampil Irrigation Scheme. Masters Thesis, University of Sydney, Sydney.

Phraxayavong, Viliam. 2007. History of Aid to Laos: Motivations and Impacts. PhD Thesis, University of Sydney, Sydney.

Robinson, Daniel. 2007. Biodiversity-related Traditional Konwledge in Thailand: Intellectual property relations and geographies of knowledge regulation. PhD Thesis, University of Sydney, Sydney.

Shahjahan, Mosharefa. 2008. Integrated River Basin Management for the Ganges: Lessons from the Murray-Darling and Mekong River Basins (A Bangladesh Perspective). PhD Thesis, University of Adelaide, Adelaide.

Smits, Mattijs. 2008. Neglected decentralized rural electricity production in the Lao PDR: A technography of pico-hydropower analyzed in a political ecology framework. Masters Thesis, Wageningen University, Wageningen.