Vision and purpose

AMRC is committed to research and other activities that support action, policy and advocacy for equitable and sustainable approaches to development in the Mekong Region. It works on principles of engaged research that also supports the building of independent and critical research capacity within the region.

AMRC has developed strong relationships with various organisations in the Mekong Region, with Australian partners working in the region, and within the University of Sydney. Key stakeholders include the University of Sydney, NGOs, development agencies, international organisations and regional universities. AMRC’s relationships are long-term and based on trust acquired from collaborative and applied research.

Key Aims of the AMRC:

  • To provide individuals and organisations working in the Mekong Region development arena with relevant, up-to-date information including local perspectives
  • To encourage and facilitate informed policy-making that takes account of development impacts on local people and ecosystems
  • To support and participate in more inclusive and open flow of information between stakeholders in development in the region
  • To promote a more informed debate on Mekong issues that includes alternative views of development