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Past Southeast Asian seminars

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Past conferences, workshops & symposiums

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Past Conferences
Mekong Mainstream dams: People's voices across borders, November 2008, Bangkok, Thailand
A Greater Mekong? Poverty, Integration and Development, September 2007, Sydney, Australia
Dialogue on River Basin Development and Civil Society in the Mekong Region, August-November 2002, Australia/Thailand  
Accounting for Development, June 2000, Sydney, Australia
BOOT: In the public interest? March 1998
Past Workshops 
Mekong Learning Initative workshops (2003-2006) 
Past Symposiums
Symposium on Water in Cambodia and the Mekong, 7 October 2010, Sydney, Australia

Other events

Book launch

On 23rd September 2009, AMRC hosted a book launch to celebrate the publication of Viliam Phraxayavong's book on History of Aid To Laos: Motivations and Impacts (published by Mekong Press).

photo of books

About the Book
History of Aid to Laos is the first comprehensive publication on development assistance to the aid-dependent country of Laos. Written by a former senior Lao official in international cooperation, the book investigates the situation of a country dependent on foreign aid for more than half a century and the ways in which donor nations have shaped Lao development and political relationships through the aid process. The story has involved a wide array of protagonists and antagonists, including Lao players of different factions (Right, Neutralist, Left Neutralist, Left and Royalist) and the Cold War rivals and their allies, who gave substantial support.

photo of Viliam and his wife, Duangphet

About the Author
Viliam Phraxayavong earned his PhD from the School of Geosciences, University of Sydney, in 2007 and is currently an associate of the Australian Mekong Resource Centre. He was director of international economic cooperation in the Royal Lao Government’s Ministry of Economic Planning and Cooperation from 1964 to 1975.

2SER radio interview with Viliam Phraxayavong (4.30min) (mp3 file, 1.3MB)

To order a copy of the book go to Silkworm books (Southeast Asia) or Asia Bookroom (Australia) websites.