AMRC alumni

The following is a list of past research students who have been part of AMRC since it was established.

 Student  Year of Completion
Nathan Wales (PhD)  2011 Combining Remote Sensing Change Detection and Qualitative Data to Examine Landscape Change in the Context of World Heritage Management
Kate Griffiths (MSc)  2011 Cultures of Aid: Chinese Aid to Cambodia
Jo Gillespie (PhD)  2010 Monumental challenges: local perspectives on World Heritage landscape regulation at Angkor Park, Cambodia
Daravy Khiev (MSc)  2010 Challenges of participatory irrigation management in Cambodia: The case of Damnak Ampil irrigation scheme
Sopheak Chann (MSc coursework)  2009  Examining land cover change in the upstream region of Stung Chint catchment, Cambodia
 Viliam Phraxayavong  (PhD)  2007  History of aid to Laos: Motivations and impacts
 Daniel Robinson (PhD)  2006  Biodiversity-related traditional knowledge in Thailand: Intellectual property relations and geographies of knowledge regulation
 Tira Foran (PhD)  2006  Rivers of contention : Pak Mun Dam, electricity planning, and state-society relations in Thailand, 1932-2004 
Kaviphone Phouthavongs (MSc)  2005  Employing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in fisheries management in the Mekong River: A case study of Lao PDR
 Tim Wong (MSc)  2005  Environmentalism, ideology and stereotypes: A community ethnography in a Thai national park
 Yusheng Zhang (Msc)  2004  Political ecology of mining in China - Lanping mine as a case study
 Anucha Leksadinulok (PhD)  2004  Community participation in ecotourism development in Thailand
 Andrew Wyatt (PhD)  2004  Infrastructure development and BOOT in Laos and Vietnam: A case study of collective action and risk in transitional developing economies
 Simon Bush (PhD)  2004 A political ecology of living acquatic resources in Lao PDR
 Fiona Miller (PhD)  2003  Society-water relations in the Mekong delta: A political ecology of risk
 Kate Lloyd (PhD)  2002  Vietnam's transition from a command economy to a  socialist market economy
 Pham Thi Bich Hang (Msc)  2002  Experiences of war widows in two communities of the Red River and the Mekong Deltas
 Lilao Buapao (Msc)  2001  Project management: Accounting for social and environmental outcomes of rural development projects in Lao PDR
 Xiu Juan Liu (PhD)  2001  Multi-scalar water resources management in China
 Kheungkham Keonuchan (PhD)  2000  The adoption of new agricultural practices in northern Laos: A political ecology of shifting cultivation
 Premrudee Daorung (Msc)  2000  Global actors, local forests: Power plays within forest management in southern Lao PDR
 Saturo Matsumoto (Msc)  1999  Development and environment in press: A North-South perspective on representations of Mekong hydropower development

Geography field school alumni

The annual Geography Field School is a self contained Unit of study that involves a program of fieldwork, classroom-based teaching, readings an assignments carried over five week period in Southeast Asia or the Pacific.

Phil Hirsch ran the Southeast Asia Field School in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand in 1997, 1998, 2001, 2002, 2005, 2006 and 2009. He will run it again in early 2010. From 1999, John Connell and Eric Waddell established a South Pacific Field School to provide an option for students in alternate years, and John also ran this in 2000, 2003, 2004, 2007 and 2008.

The essence of the field school is a framework of experiential learning to give students a field-based understanding of development, environment and rural social change at the village level, and to foster learning with and through peers at universities in host countries.

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