Tubtim Tubtim

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Tubtim Tubtim is a Cotutelle PhD candidate in a joint PhD program between the Faculty of Social Sciences, Chiang Mai University, Thailand and the School of Geosciences, University of Sydney. Her research looks at the peri-urban zone of Chiang Mai as a place where there is an increasing migration of people from diverse classes and backgrounds ranging from foreigners, urban middle class, people from neighbouring districts and provinces, and Burmese migrant workers. Each group has different reasons for migration and bring with them different expectations. They make their places according to their class position, based on their different experiences and economic, cultural and social capitals which are not homogeneous and sometimes clash with each other. Tubtim’s research is based on these emerging social relations and on the encounters between different class groups that can simultaneously widen social distance even as groups live in closer proximity in terms of physical space. This ongoing process of making and remaking of place helps define the particular physical and social characteristics of peri-urban Chiang Mai.

Tubtim had spent a decade working in Laos in the field of natural resource management as a researcher, field research advisor, and training consultant. Her master thesis took a case from her project site investigating changing property regimes in southern Laos.

Before Tubtim commenced her PhD, her work focussed in the educational field. Tubtim was a coordinator of the Mekong Learning Initiative, a collaborative initiative among 8 universities in 5 countries of the Mekong Region with financial support from Oxfam America under the administration of the Australian Mekong Resource Centre, University of Sydney. It aims to foster linkage between members and development of innovative teaching and learning approaches.

Languages: Thai, Lao, English
Supervisor: Dr. Kurt Iveson
Assoc. Supervisor: Prof. John Connell

School of Geosciences
Madsen Building, Room No. 444.
Phone: +61 2 9351 7549; MB: +61 4 06397059

Research Projects

Tubtim, T. (current) Rural Crossroads: Migration and Class in Peri-urban Chiang Mai, PhD research.

Tubtim, T. (2001) Common Property as Enclosure: a case of a community backswamp in southern Laos, Masters Thesis. Full text here.

Working projects

2003-2007: Project Coordinator, Mekong Learning Initiative, funded by Oxfam America

1992-2002: Field Research Advisor, Community-based Natural Resource Management Projects in Laos, funded by International Development Research Centre, Canada (IDRC) and Australian Centre for Agricultural Research (ACIAR)

Selected publications

Tubtim, T., (2012) 'Migration to the countryside: class encounters in peri-urban Chiang Mai, Thailand', Critical Asian Studies 44 (1): 113-130.

Tubtim, N., (2006) 'Exclusion, accommodation and community-based natural resource management: legitimizing the enclosure of a community fishery in southern Laos', in Communities, Livelihoods and Natural Resources: Action Research and Policy Change in Asia, edited by Stephen R. Tyler.

Tubtim, N. and Hirsch, P. (2005) "Common property as enclosure: a case study of a backswamp in southern Laos", Society and Natural Resources 18: 41-60.