Research Activities

Current research undertaken by staff and postgraduate students at AMRC, arranged by research theme and country.

  China Thailand Laos Cambodia Vietnam

Gender, social networks and social transition


Lada Phadungkiati, Tubtim Tubtim, Soimart Rungmanee

Lada Phadungkiati, Soimart Rungmanee

Rotha Ken Serey

Nguyen Tuong Huy

Livelihoods, migration, and cross-border issues


Lada Phadungkiati, Soimart Rungmanee, Mattijs Smits, Lada Phadungkiati, Tubtim Tubtim

Lada Phadungkiati, Oulavanh Keovilignavong, Mattijs Smits, Natalia Scurrah, Soimart Rungmanee, Yayoi Lagerqvist


Paula Brown, Olivia Dun, Nguyen Tuong Huy

Environmental change, NRM and sustainable development

Zoe Wang

Mattijs Smits, Surin Omprom

Mattijs Smits, Natalia Scurrah, Philip Hirsch, Yayoi Lagerqvist

Rotha Ken Serey, Worawan Sukraroek, Philip Hirsch

Olivia Dun, Worawan Sukraroek, Paula Brown

Governance, civil society and the state

Zoe Wang

Natalia Scurrah, Philip Hirsch, Mattijs Smits

Natalia Scurrah, Philip Hirsch, Mattijs Smits

Somatra Kim Sean, Natalia Scurrah, Philip Hirsch, Mattijs Smits

Worawan Sukraroek, Natalia Scurrah, Philip Hirsch, Paula Brown

NB: At present, we do not have a research presence in Burma.