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Marine Science at the University of Sydney dates back to the 1880's. The Marine Studies Centre and the Ocean Science Institute were established in 1970, and these were replaced by the University of Sydney Institute of Marine Science (USIMS) in 2002. In early 2016, the University of Sydney: Institute of Marine Sciences (USIMS) was renamed to Marine Studies Institute (MSI) to differentiate from the Sydney Institute of Marine Sciences (SIMS). The institute’s mission and purpose however, remains unchanged.

MSI is the public face of marine science at the University of Sydney, where past and present students and community members can extend their knowledge on courses, events and scientific exploits and breakthroughs. It is envisioned that this platform will promote innovative, cross disciplinary marine research that can be applied to national and international investigations.

MSI is amongst the largest marine research and education centres in Australia. The university hosts many nationally and internationally recognised research groups, currently spanning 10 disciplines, with more than 30 academic staff and over 100 postgraduate students. The marine network within the university includes:

These research centres attract a significant amount of funding annually, which in turn attracts top local and international students, thus producing a challenging academic atmosphere that brings out the best that research students have to offer.

MSI is a partner in the Sydney Institute of Marine Science (SIMS), a consortium involving all of the prominent universities in the Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong region, state marine agencies and one federal agency. SIMS headquarters is at Chowder Bay, near Taronga Zoo on the North Shore of Sydney Harbour.

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