AMSA Conference poster award for Alexandra Jones

Alexandra Jones, received Best Poster Award for “highlighting innovation in marine science” at the AMSA Conference 1-5 July, 2018.

The 2018 Australian Marine Sciences Association (AMSA) conference was held in Adelaide from July 1-5.

Alexandra commenced her PhD at the start of this year in the School of Geosciences Supervised by Eleanor Bruce, Doug Cato, Michelle Blewitt. Her PhD project is investigating the abundance, distribution and spatio-temporal variability in habitat usage of humpback whales in Jervis Bay. Jervis Bay is a proposed resting ground for mothers and calves during their southern migration; however, it is also a site of significant recreational and naval activity. By increasing the understanding of the ecological significance of this area for humpback whales, it is hoped that this information can assist in the environmental management of the Jervis Bay Marine Park. Another aspect of this research will explore the effectiveness of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and satellite imagery for detecting and monitoring whales.

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Alexandra Jones poster

Alexandra Jones Poster