Congratulations for Ana Vila-Concejo

Ana Vila-Concejo have been awarded funding to collaborate with colleagues at the University of California (UC) Davis

Thirteen academics from across the University have been awarded funding to collaborate with colleagues at the University of California (UC), Davis, and the University of Copenhagen (pictured above).

The funding is part of the University’s 2016–20 Strategic Plan commitment to build a focused approach to global engagement, with more than $456,000 awarded ($228,000 each from Sydney and partner universities) in this round.

Marine scientist Associate Professor Ana Vila-Concejo, co-leader of the Geocoastal Research Group, will collaborate with colleagues at UC Davis to investigate costal erosion from sea level rise.

“Many major cities, have been built around estuarine sandy beaches, which are likely to be the first affected by sea level rise and more intense wave events associated with climate change.”

Associate Professor Vila-Concejo, who is the Deputy Director of the University’s One Tree Island Research Station on the Great Barrier Reef, said Sydney is a prime example – three estuaries are the core of some of the most densely populated and developed parts of the city: Botany Bay, Port Jackson (Sydney Harbour), and the Pittwater (Broken Bay).

Other examples include all other major cities in Australia (except Canberra), and cities in the United States, such as San Francisco, San Diego, New York and Seattle.

As part of her funding, Associate Professor Vila-Concejo will conduct fieldwork around Australia and the United States, before publishing the research in key journals and presenting at conferences, as well as developing an online-based virtual fieldtrip and practical exercises for students.

Another funding recipient, mental health nursing expert Professor Niels Buus, will bring clinical specialists, software developers, and colleagues from Sydney and the University of Copenhagen together to rollout a smartphone app for suicide prevention.

Professor Kathy Belov, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Global Engagement), said the funding is part of a new whole-of-University strategic focus on global engagement, with applications for funding to collaborate with colleagues at the University of Geneva now open, and funding to work with the University of Edinburgh opening soon.

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