Teaching and Research Staff

Name Contact information Research Interest
Baker, Prof Elaine The Big Sargassum Pile Up
Blewitt, Dr Michelle Marine Mammal Research
Bruce, Dr Eleanor Environmental Spatial Analysis and Modelling
Bryson, Dr Mitchell Marine Robotics and Aerial Robotics
[[ Normal 0 false false false EN-AU X-NONE X-NONE ||Byrne, Prof Maria]] Laval Ecologies of Marine Invertebrates (In particular sea stars)
Cato, Adjunct Prof Doug The Behavioural Response of Australian Humpback Whales to Seismic Surveys (BRAHSS)
Clarke, Dr Samantha Offshore and Riverine Geomorphology
Cowell, A/Prof Peter Geomorphology of Coasts and Continental Shelves
Dominey-Howes, A/Prof Dale Marine and Coastal Geology / Coastal Processes
Dutkiewicz, Dr Adriana Evolution of Hydrothermal Ore Deposits
Evans, Dr Olivia Transmission of Ostreid herpesvirus-1 (OsHV-1) in the Estuarine Environment
Ferrari, Dr Renata Habitat Structure of Reefs & Marine Systematic Spatial Conservation
Figueira, A/Prof Will 3D Reefs: Spatial Ecology of Marine Ecosystems, Marine Resource Management & Conservation, Population Ecology of Marine Fish (Temperate-Tropical)
Gray, Dr Rachael Health and Disease Investigations of Seals and Sea Lions, Cetacean Hearing
Harrison, Dr Daniel Marine Ecological Restoration Through Urbam Redevelopment
Hubble, Dr Tom Marine and Riverine Site Investigations
Jones, Prof Ian Saving the Great Barrier Reef (Sediments load to flow rate, upwelling, biomimicry)
Lay, Prof Peter Vibrational Spectroscopic Analysis of Microplastics and Microfibres in Fish
Machovsky-Capuska, Dr Gabriel Nutritional Ecology of Marine Predators: Challenges and Opportunities
Müller, Prof Dietmar Marine Geophysics and Geodynamics, Plate Tectonics. Machine Learning Approaches to Analysising Global Sea Surface and Seafloor Data
Stephens, Prof Tim International Environmental Law and Law of the Sea
Tanner, Ms Edwina Oceanography and Global Warming (CO_2 Emissions)
Vila-Concejo, A/Prof Ana Costal Sedimentary Continuum from River Systems to the Edge of Continental Margins
Ward, Dr Ashley Behavioural Ecology of Fish
Whittington, Prof Richard Aquatic Animal Health and Environmental Immunology
Williams, Prof Stefan Marine Systems at the Australian Centre for FIeld Robotics (Navigation and mapping, clustering and classification, novel sensing, survey design and platform designs)

Honorary Associates

Associate Professor Gavin Birch
Associate Professor Peter Cowell
Dr Adrienne Grant
Associate Professor Roslind Hinde
Adjunct Professor Ian SF Jones
Associate Professor Jock Keene
Professor Tony Larkum
Dr John Runcie

MSI Director

MSI Deputy Director

MSI Coordinator

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Marine Biology Undergraduate Advisor

Marine Science Postgraduate Advisor

Marine Science Postgraduate Coursework Advisor

Director of One Tree Island Research Station

Deputy Director of One Tree Island Research Station

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