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Getting here

From the 25 November 2016 both the Macleay Museum and the University Art Gallery will close, as we prepare for the opening of the Chau Chak Wing Museum scheduled for completion in late 2018. Staff will continue to take public and research inquiries about the collections during this period of transition. The Nicholson Museum will remain open to the public until late 2018.

The University of Sydney’s museums and art galleries are located in close proximity to each other, within or beside the Quadrangle on the Camperdown Campus, a few kilometres from the centre of Sydney. Admission to both museums and the gallery is free.

Macleay Museum

The Macleay Museum is located on the top floor of the Macleay Building in Science Road, adjacent to the Quadrangle. The museum entrance is in Gosper Lane at the western end of the Macleay Building.

Nicholson Museum

The Nicholson Museum is located at the southern entrance of the Quadrangle.

University Art Gallery

The University Art Gallery is located inside the War Memorial Arch on the northern side of the Quadrangle, opposite the Macleay Building (Science Road).

Travelling here

By car

Casual parking on the Camperdown Campus is avaliable, but parking fees apply. You need to obtain and correctly display a ticket from the Pay and Display machines located around the campus.

To find convenient parking areas near the museums, access our interactive campus maps, and select 'Cultural Venues' followed by ‘Carpark’ or ‘Motorcycle parking’ options under Amenities.

By train

Catch a train to Redfern station and walk for around 10 minutes. Turn left down Lawson Street, left along Abercombie Street, right into Codrington Street, and then cross City Road to the main Camperdown Campus.

Alternatively, catch a train to Central station, and walk for about 15 minutes down Parramatta Rd (or hop on a bus), to the main entrance to the University of Sydney, just behind Victoria Park.

See our campus maps for more details and visit www.131500.com.au for more help planning your public transport to the University of Sydney.

By bus

There are several bus stops along Parramatta Road and City Road that can be used to visit the University of Sydney.

For stops on Parramatta Road (closest to the Quadrangle) catch routes 412, 413, 436, 438, 439, 440, 461, 480, 483 or Metrobus M10 and alight at the stops indicated here in blue and red.

For stops on City Road (closest to Darlington Campus) catch routes 422, 423, 426, 428, 370, 352 or Metrobus M30 and alight at the stops indicated here in yellow and green.

Additionally, our campus maps show the location of STA bus stops (tick 'State Transit bus stop' under Amenities in the left-hand menu).

View University of Sydney bus stops in a larger map

Visit www.131500.com.au for more help planning your public transport to the University of Sydney.