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The University of Sydney has one of the largest university collections in Australia, with more than 100,000 items. It holds antiquities, art, ethnography, historic photographs, scientific instruments and natural history items. In addition the insect collection is estimated at over 500,000 specimens.

We are progressively releasing collections online.

They can be searched through our Collections Search web page.

Currently available

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University Art Collection (excluding Power bequest)

Sydney University Art Collection

Etruscan Impasto and Bucchero pottery

Nicholson Museum

South Italian Apulian pottery

Nicholson Museum

Museum items catalogued in new publication: Malouf, et al. 2010. Into the light: 150 years of cultural treasures at The University of Sydney.

Sydney University Museums
Items on display in the Nicholson Museum Nicholson Museum
Anthropology collection of Historic Photographs Macleay Museum 
Aboriginal Bark Painting collection Macleay Museum
Attic pottery (including black and red figure and white ground) Nicholson Museum
Kerry Collection of Historic Photographs (from the studio of Charles Kerry)

Macleay Museum