Adult education programs

Looking for a day out with a difference? University Museums can provide specialised tours of particular collections, or overall tours of all University Museums to suit your needs.

Group tours

We have been visited in the past by groups as diverse as Probus groups, art and decorative craft societies, local history societies, drama and design students, TAFE and university classes and groups of friends.


We can organise days for adult groups focusing on an introduction to the collections or with detailed examinations of various aspects of the collections.

Popular topics include:

  • the ancient world
  • natural sciences in the nineteenth century
  • benefactors and collectors of the nineteenth century
  • design and art
  • general tours of the University and its grounds
  • general tours of the highlights of the collections.

Specialist Short Courses

Drawing Artefacts

Illustrating Archaeological Artefacts at the Nicholson Museum

This elementary course teaches you how to sketch accurately in the field, store room or museum with a minimum of technical aids. The instructions are aimed at teaching students to illustrate their field notes or catalogues accurately. You will learn how to draw sections and reconstructions of pottery and glass sherds. You will also learn basic 3-dimensional drawings of flints and other small objects like figurines or lamps.

Course Co-ordinators: Dr Ina Kehrberg-Ostrasz and Dr Craig Barker.
Course Tutor: Chris Schofield; a specialist in archaeological drawings, illustrator at the Pella and Paphos projects.
Duration: Monday 28 July 2014 – Monday 1 September 2014Format: Six 3-hour sessions; Mondays from 28 July until 1 September 2014.
Location: The Nicholson Museum, Ante Room, University of Sydney, Main Quadrangle. (For the first session please meet in the Nicholson Museum Foyer.)

Cost: $150.00 per student for the whole course. The fee is to be paid in advance and is tax deductible. Due to the hands-on nature of the course there will be a limit of 7 students per session.

You will need: 0.5mm HB mechanical pencil, 30cm ruler, 2 set squares, basic compass, erasers. The Nicholson Museum provides: calipers, paper and tracing paper.


For enrolment and payment details please contact:
Dr Craig Barker
T(02) 9036 5409