Museum education programs and tours

Unique resources for learning

Sydney University Museums are proud to present a range of education programs for visitors of all ages and all levels – from kindergarten to HSC students, adult education groups and even preschools and day care centres.

Thousands of students from state and private schools visit us each year, along with people from a range of organisations and educational groups from all over New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.

What we offer

The Nicholson Museum features masterpieces of ancient art and objects of daily life from ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and the Near East.

In addition to exhibition tours and general visits, our programs also offer:

Supporting and enriching classroom teaching

Our programs are designed to focus on items in the collections that are relevant to the NSW primary and secondary syllabuses. They have been created to complement and deepen classroom learning.

Our guides are qualified and experienced practitioners in their respective fields, and enjoy sharing their knowledge and expertise. All are trained to assist visitors in developing their skills of analysis and interpretation.

Inspiring visitors

Our programs are designed around participatory and hands-on learning experiences. Visitors can handle archaeological artefacts and natural specimens, wear ancient costumes, hear Dreamtime stories and create art inspired by the works on display.

Flexible structure

The education programs have a flexible structure. Choose from:

  • a general tour of the Nicholson Museum
  • tours of the University of Sydney’s historic buildings and heritage features
  • information on campus life for students contemplating tertiary studies.

We can also tailor a visit to suit your specific needs, from specialised, detailed studies which complement HSC class work, to broad introductions to history, art and science for younger students.


For information on what we can offer your students, please contact our Manager of Education Programs on +61 2 9036 5409.