Primary School Museum Education Program

Our primary school program is specially designed to inspire children from kindergarten to Year 6 to explore the world in a playful, stimulating, hands-on way, using our collections as a starting point.


Primary school students can participate in range of engaging activities, including:

  • wrapping mummies
  • trying on togas
  • creating art
  • making butterflies
  • going on a treasure hunt.

Our teaching is discussion-based, as students explore the museum collections. For a range of pre-and post-visit resources and worksheets, see our resources pages.


Our program links especially well to the HSIE, Creative Arts and Science and Technology syllabuses.

Many primary school groups combine visits to two or more of the museums and focus on various topics across the collections. Students are given hands-on exercises and other activities.

The Nicholson Museum

An introduction to ancient history and archaeology

Archaeological methods

Life on a dig




The ancient Near East mummies

Death & burial in ancient Egypt

Writing in the ancient world

Gladiators and emperors

Soldiers in antiquity

Other topics

Heritage tours of the University

An introduction to history and culture

Radical history

The University during times of war

An introduction to natural sciences

The Macleay Museum and University Art Gallery are in preparation for the opening of the Chau Chak Wing Museum in 2020.