Makarr-garma: Aboriginal Collections from a Yolŋu Perspective

Painting by Djawa of the Gupupingu clan

Everything is telling us who we are J. Gumbula

The Makarr-garma is a ceremony of formal invitation and introduction to Yolŋu land and culture. Guest curator, Dr Joseph Neparrŋa Gumbula uses this concept as a way of welcoming us to share in his understanding of the Yolŋu world. Charting the course of a day, the exhibition will take us on a journey across Indigenous Arnhem Land through artworks, objects, natural history specimens, historical and contemporary photographs, sound and light. Gain insights into Yolŋu artistic expression and aspects of everyday life and learn about traditional intellectual frameworks and the resonance of cultural heritage collections within contemporary community life.

Macleay Museum
29 November 2009 – 15 May 2010

Image - Painting by Tom Djäwa of the Daygurrgurr Gupapuyŋu Clan, 1946. Wurrpan (Emu) painting representing the travels and activities of Wurrpan and the region around Lake Evella, Arnhem Land, Northern Territory. Djäwa is the father of Dr. Joseph Neparrŋa Gumbula. Photo: © D. Liddle 2002. Macleay Museum (ETP.2005)