Nicholson Museum exhibitions 2014

Detail from Temple of Olympian Zeus, photographed by William J Woodhouse

Coming up in 2014

50 Objects, 50 Stories part II

detail from 50-50 exhibition

The second instalment of the award-winning exhibition 50 Objects 50 Stories is in development and will showcase artefacts from across the collections with unique stories to tell.

WJ Woodhouse historic photograph collection

Detail from WJ Woodhouse photograph

We're working on a new publication of the WJ Woodhouse historic photograph collection. While travelling throughout Greece between 1890 and 1936, Woodhouse captured both the stunning monumental ruins of the Ancient Greek world and the contemporary Greek landscape and culture.

This is a collaborative project involving Senior Curator Michael Turner, Professor John Papadopolous (UCLA), Professor Vrasidas Karalis, Emeritus Professor Richard Green, Dr Craig Braker, Dr Elizabeth Bollen and Dr Rowan Conroy.

Contemporary art and Near Eastern antiquities

Detail from Near Eastern collection

Contemporary art and Near Eastern antiquities will come together in a new way as we seek to develop artistic responses to some of our permanent exhibitions.

Children in antiquity

Children in antiquity will be on display as we delve into the collection seeking out artefacts associated with childhood and the representations of children from across our Egyptian, Near Eastern, Greek and Roman collections.

This is a collaborative project between the Nicholson Museum and Dr Lesley Beaumont, Senior Lecturer in Archaeology and Dr Nicola Harrington, Post Doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Sydney.