2002 Exhibitions

Schools of Thought by Lisa Giles

8 October – 24 October 2002

Recent photographs that showcased academics and eminent alumni of the University of Sydney. A sesquicentennial event.

Beauty and the Beast, the art of James Gleeson

James Gleeson is regarded as Australia's leading surrealist painter. This exhibition focused on seven paintings in the collection as well as loans from public galleries and private collections of surrealism.

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New Chinese Prints

16 July – 15 August 2002

A selection of 40 prints and works on paper from leading Chinese printmakers. Contemporary artists included Su Xinping, Liu Li Ping, Ding Yi and Song Guangzhi.

John Wardell Power 1881-1943

John Wardell Power studied art in Paris in the 1920s and exhibited in London in the 1930s. He was influenced by modern art theories of Cubism and abstraction and developed his own ideas on picture composition based on geometric forms.

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20 March – 24 April 2002

This exhibition explored the patterns and beauty of nature through painting and installation. Artists featured were Juliana Bartulin, Elise Benamane, Rose Steedman and Mark Walker.

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