Past exhibitions


16 September – 9 December 2007

To celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the birth of Australian historical archaeology, this exhibition featured artefacts recovered from the site of James King's Irrawang Pottery Manufactory, near Raymond Terrace.

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The Acropolis Restoration Project and the New Acropolis Museum

22 October – 14 December 2007

An exhibition of images of the restorations and of the New Acropolis Museum.

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Faces of Power: Imperial Portraiture on Roman Coins

From March 2007

Using coins from the Nicholson Museum's extensive but little-seen collection, this exhibition traces the history of the imperial families of ancient Rome.

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Murawari works - Roy Barker Jr

24 July – 28 October 2007

Roy Barker Jr engages with the need to preserve the integrity and continuity of Aboriginal knowledge and techniques while embracing modern technologies and methods in his carving style.

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Museum: Robyn Stacey

5 November – 16 December 2007

Stacey's pictorially sumptuous photographic images investigate each specimen's material presence.

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Rational Order: Carl von Linné 1707-1778


20 February - 20 October 2007

A celebration of the Kingdom Animalia and Linnaeus's ordering of it.

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Chartres – Lloyd Rees

25 August – 4 November 2007

This stunning exhibition of paintings and drawings showcases works from a series Rees worked on depicting the great Gothic cathedral at Chartres in France.

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Dreaming Spires and Ivory Towers

18 June – 5 August 2007

From early views of the Quadrangle by Conrad Martens through to commissioned photographs by David Moore, this exhibition showcased a selection of works depicting the wide variety of architectural styles at The University of Sydney.

outpouring – Jan Fieldsend

30 April – 8 June 2007

An installation created by Jan Fieldsend for the almost chapel-like University Art Gallery space. This work continued her use of military insignia and decoration in juxtaposition with domestic decorative elements to explore the legacies of conflict.

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The last thing I remember...

12 March – 20 April 2007

In "The last thing I remember ..." three artists explore the rupture of narrative in the domestic sphere.

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Strange Matters

4 December 2006 – 4 March 2007

Showcasing works from the University of Sydney Art Collection, The University of Sydney Union Collection and the University Library Rare Books collection, Strange Matters focused on dark and strange realities.