2008 Exhibitions

Sigmund Freud’s Collection: An Archaeology of the Mind

3 January – 30 March 2008

An exhibition of Egyptian, Greek, Italian, and Chinese antiquities from the private collection of Sigmund Freud – together with photographs taken in 1938 by Edmund Engelman; home movies of her father taken by his daughter, Anna; and a recreation of the famous couch and desk.

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People, Power and Politics

1 February – 20 July 2008

The First Generation of Anthropologists at the University of Sydney.

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Jenny Pollak

1 August – 2 November 2008

Artist Jenny Pollak has created artworks of protozoa, photographed using scanning electron microscopy.

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Samples (A Taxonomy of Objects) – Karin Findeis

14 March - 27 April 2008

Illuminating the public, ordered and wonderful spaces of the curiosity cabinet through the portable and intimate medium of jewellery.

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New Victorians

August – 12 October 2008

Explored the ways in which the Victorian legacy has inspired and haunted succeeding generations.

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Siri Hayes - Landscapes

June – 10 August 2008

With an eye to the romantic sublime and another on the burgeoning urban sprawl, Siri Hayes' photographic landscapes are at once lyrical and down-at-heel.

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David Sequeira: My Father's Library

12 May – 22 June 2008

Working in a range of media, David Sequeira explores notions of language and information through colour and geometry.

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Cuts both ways

23 March – 4 May 2008

Cuts both ways explored the phenomenon of the worldwide development of woodcuts and linocuts from the 1920s to 1940s

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Greatest Hits/Previously Unreleased Tracks

27 January – 6 March 2008

A selection of videos by Queensland’s leading and emerging artists: Peter Alwast, Christopher Bennie, Daniel McKewen, Tracey Moffatt, Archie Moore, Paul Mumme, Scott Redford, Sandra Selig, Van Sowerwine, Grant Stevens and Jemima Wyman.

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Morpheus - Mark Hilton

11 November 2007 – 20 January 2008

During 2007 Hilton spent time researching the collections of Sydney University Museums and presented new work related to his findings on the Greek god Morpheus, morphine and contemporary drug use.

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