2011 Exhibitions

Charles Nicholson: Man and Museum

This exhibition featured a selection of Charles Nicholson's extraordinary benefaction of art and antiquities to the University of Sydney.

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Exposed: Photography and the Classical Nude

4 January – 17 April 2011

Exposed was a celebration of the significant role photography has played in capturing varying interpretations of the classical nude.

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The Human Redesign Project

30 May – 4 September 2011

After the oil runs dry, what alternatives will we turn to? What renewable resources will we exploit to replace the combustion engine and the electric motor?

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Picturing New South Wales: Photographs by Kerry and Co

Detail of

3 May 2010– 13 March 2011

In the early 20th century, Charles Kerry, owner of the leading Sydney photographic studio Kerry & Co, found a new market for his photographs of NSW in the growing pictorial postcard trade.

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Jeffrey Smart: Unspoken

2 October – 27 November 2011

Curated by Power Professor Mark Ledbury. Drawing on the University’s rich collection of Smart works, this exhibition explored the striking but deceptive simplicity of the artist’s style and probed some of the artist’s cherished themes.

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FREEDOM RIDERS: Art and activism 1960s to now

3 July – 5 September 2011

Curated by Katie Yuill and Matt Poll. The art of Aboriginal artist Robert Campbell Jr played a pioneering role in exposing the social and political realities of NSW Aboriginal people. His Perkins portrait and the Freedom Ride provided an historic framework for the work of six Aboriginal artists.

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Japan in Sydney: Professor Sadler & modernism, 1920-30s

3 April – 30 May 2011

Curated by Ajioka Chiaki & Maria (Connie) Tornatore-Loong. Japan in Sydney revealed for the first time the key role played by Arthur Lindsay Sadler in stimulating exchange between Australian modernists and Japanese culture and aesthetics.

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