Past exhibitions

2015 exhibitions

Jacky Redgate: Mirrors


3 OCT - 27 NOV 2015

For over two decades Jacky Redgate has consistently staged and animated mirrors and objects and rebounding light in a series of photographic and sculptural propositions.

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Reparative aesthetics: Rosângela Rennó and Fiona Pardington


4 July - 25 Sept 2015

In this exhibition guest curator Sue Best asks how do artists confront troubling national histories?

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Barbara Campbell: Ex Avibus

Ex avibus

2 May - 26 Jun 2015:
University Art Gallery
25 May - 1 Aug 2015:
Macleay Museum

In her recent body of work, Campbell has been following the journey of migratory shorebirds on the East Asian-Australasian Flyway.

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Dhaga ngiyahni ngan.girra

Dhaga ngiyahni ngan.girra

24 Nov 2014 - 8 May 2015

Dhaga ngiyahni ngan.girra is Wiradjuri for 'Where we all meet'.

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Stuffed Stitched and Studied: Taxidermy in the 19th century

Stitched Stuffed and Studied X Ray

24 Nov 2014 - 8 May 2015

Explore taxidermy’s relationship to the science of taxonomy in the 19th century.

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Girls at the Tin Sheds: Sydney Feminist Posters 1975–90

Girls at the sheds poster

January - 24 April 2015

From the mid- seventies feminism, Aboriginal rights and the environmental movement galvanised the Tin Sheds, most visible in the explosion of dazzling and provocative posters.

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Egyptains, Gods and Mummies: Travels with Herodotus

Hathor capital

July 2009 - 1 February 2015

The exhibition looked at Egypt through the eyes of the Classical Greek traveller and writer, Herodotus. Mummified cats, birds and crocodiles featured in this exhibition alongside the Nicholson Museum's collection of mummies.

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Mikala Dwyer: Garden of a Half Life

mikala dwyer work

15 September 2014 – 17 January 2015

An interdisciplinary project incorporating items drawn from across the University’s vast, largely unseen collections and teaching resources.

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