Tombs, tells and temples: Excavating the Near East

From the Tombs, tells and temples exhibition

The archaeology of the Near East is a fascinating subject of historical inquiry. From the extraordinary antiquities and sites to the personalities and archaeologists such as Dame Kathleen Kenyon, Sir Flinders Petrie and Sir Max Mallowan, this exhibition highlights the complex nature of this ancient region.

The cities and civilisations of the Ancient Near East flourished on the Levantine Coast (modern day Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine and Jordan); in Anatolia (modern day Turkey); along the great river systems of Mesopotamia (modern day Iran and Iraq), and as far as India and Pakistan.

This region was not united in antiquity – different cultures, languages, religions and artistic traditions existed, empires rose to power and were conquered, and migrants and the displaced clashed or intermingled with resident population.

Artefacts from the Nicholson's own collection, excavated from the famous sites of Jericho, Tell Brak, Pella, Tell al-Ajjul, Harappa, Ur, Nineveh and Nimrud form the cornerstone of this exhibition.

picture above: Remains from Tomb B35, Jericho.