Volunteer with University Museums

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Our dedicated team of volunteers work with our curators, educators and collections staff every day, behind the scenes and in our galleries.

Volunteering roles vary across our museums, from events and public programs, to front of house duties such as welcoming visitors and helping with the museum gift shop, assisting with museum administration and collection documentation, and working on specialised projects involving our collections.

To become a volunteer please email your interest to staff at the relevant museum:

Macleay Museum
Nicholson Museum nicholson.museum@sydney.edu.au
University Art Gallery

For all general enquiries please call the University Museums administration office on +61 2 9351 2274

Digital Volunteering

You can also join our ever growing online volunteers with two unique projects.

Woodhouse Archive Flickr Project

Help us catalogue the Nicholson Museum's historic photograph collection by joining this Flickr project.

We are seeking keen volunteers to assist with identifying key landscapes, monuments and sites of Greece photographed by former curator William J Woodhouse between 1890-1935. The complete archive is over 1800 images and for each image we are asking contributors to describe the contents of the photograph, identify the location and contribute geo-coordinates or comparable images as comments on the Nicholson Museum's Flickr pages. Find out more and join in the fun via our research project page.

150 Years of Visitors

Become an online volunteer and help us get to know 150 years of Nicholson Museum visitors.

Through this DigiVol expedition we are seeking keen eyed volunteers to transcribe 3 volumes of visitor books 1886-2001 in doing so you will help us unlock the stories of our visitors and the museum's place in Sydney's vibrant history. Find out more and join in via our project research page.