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MUSE Issue 22

Features in this issue:

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Issue 22, March 2019

  • Our new museum is taking shape – Progress is being made below ground and behind the scenes.
  • Office works – 150 artworks, artefacts and specimens are bringing colour to the new Administration Building.
  • What once was lost ... – A chance encounter at a public reception led to the discovery of the Lost Nicholson Sculptures.
  • Nip and tuck – In the world of conservation, skin preservation is a fine art. Luckily, we have Sasha Stollman.
  • Preserving time – A luminal kinetic sculpture in our art collection will be a unique challenge to maintain.
  • Pictures from the magic box – A child's lantern set reflects the magic of a Victorian childhood.
  • Bridging the divide – A three-part sculpture by artist Dale Harding connects the University's campus to the culture of the land's traditional owners.
  • From digger to collector – A treasure trove of Egyptian artefacts were acquired during the First World War by an enterprising ANZAC.
  • Why split a pair of earrings? – Divided according to excavation customs of the time, two gold earrings are finally reconnected.
  • The duck's tale – Broken, buried, boxed, then rediscovered, a 4000-year-old ceramic duck vessel from Jericho is now back in one piece.
  • A tale of two microscopes – Mr Grubb's Sector Microscope and Steindorff & Co's Microbe Hunter each tell a story of risk and experimentation.
  • Lan n'dis ni aou [Writing with string] – The ancient and powerful tradition of string figures lives on in Vanuatu.
  • Donor honour roll for 2018 – We say thank you to the donors who are making an enormous difference to our achievements.
  • Making history – See what our guests and staff have been up to.
  • Find your muse – Upcoming events and programs.