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MUSE Issue 14

Features this issue:

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Issue 14, June 2016

  • Floating Time
    An exhibition of prints from 1954 to 2002 reflects an important shift in direction for post-Mao China.
  • Motoring along
    An amateur photographer's images from the 1920s capture the stylish and speedy new world of the car.
  • Sunsets and sacred spaces
    Artists have long sought to capture the pyramids in their work - they've also captured the imagination of the West.
  • On a wing
    A researcher devises a unique way to uncover the natural history of the Kākāpō, a rare bird native to New Zealand.
  • Talk to me
    Artist Vicki Varvaressos is renowned for her dramatic socially critical forms. A gift to the University is no exception.
  • Tax collection
    Our series of 92 ostraca from Greco-Roman Egypt has been described by the SMH as "Simply priceless". Here's why.
  • Hongi Hika's self-portrait
    Is the Macleay’s Hika bust the original, carved from a fence post by the Māori warrior chief around 1800, or a derivative?
  • Written on the reverse
    The markings on the back of a painting can sometimes tell as intriguing a tale as the work on the front.
  • Beyond the walls of Jericho
    Students at the Nicholson Museum are cataloguing remains from a city inhabited in the 10th millennium BC.
  • Isopod of adventure
    An unidentified isopod in the Macleay reveals the Antarctic adventures and unfortunate losses of Captain Ross.
  • Made in China
    A collection of ancient ceramics reflects China’s people, society, food, and interactions with the world.
  • Life of Kendall Broadbent
    The Australian naturalist and collector was a tough and tenacious character who led an adventurous frontier life.