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MUSE Issue 15

Features this issue:

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Issue 15, November 2016

  • Down memory lane
    In 1989, a fire in the Quadrangle threatened the Nicholson Museum. We review some little known moments in its history.
  • Beyond the shoebox
    As the Art Gallery shoebox comes to an end, we look at a few treasures and our favourite shows since it opened in 1959.
  • If this wall could talk
    The University of Sydney is rich with intriguing architectural detail, not least the façade of the Macleay Museum.
  • The face of Osiris
    What happens when we die? The Ancient Egyptians were fascinated with the afterlife, embodied in the god Osiris.
  • Garden views
    Extraordinary photographs reveal the evolution of Sydney’s Royal Botanic Garden as it reaches a major milestone.
  • A taste of chocolate
    We revisit a deliciously named Bronze-Age pottery type from the site of Pella in Jordan, hinting at certain hopes for an afterlife.
  • Coloured by hand
    Professor Abercrombie Lawson was not just a brilliant botanist; his exquisite hand-drawn slides reveal an artist’s eye.
  • From ear to eternity
    Two students cataloguing bone fragments from the Jericho collection have made an unexpected discovery.
  • String theory
    A painting of a cellist in the University collection makes a provocative connection between art and music.
  • Weapon of choice
    We trace the provenance of a replica sword in the Nicholson Museum to an unconventional religion.
  • Medicine meets museums
    Our budding doctors are learning how detailed observation of art can boost their visual diagnostic skills.