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MUSE Issue 16

Features this issue:

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Issue 16, March 2017

  • When one door closes
    Dr Jude Philp recounts the last days of the Macleay Museum and says a fond farewell to a beloved space - while looking ahead to a new one.
  • Portrait of a pioneer
    A new painting commissioned by the University unites celebrated contemporary artist Daniel Boyd with the late Dr Charles Perkins. Dr Ann Stephen explores this striking new artwork.
  • Antiquity lost
    Recent conflict in the Middle East has lead to the destruction of many important archaeological sites. Candace Richards explores the recent, sad fate of Nimrud and Nineveh in northern Iraq.
  • From architecture to art form
    Dr Paul Donnelly begins a new MUSE series - Curators on tour - exploring museums and collections around the globe that inspire us to think, feel and create.
  • Something fishy
    William Macleay's passion for fish continues today through the rigorous process of naming new species; and the latest has just been published, writes Dr Anthony Gill.
  • Made in Japan
    Chris Jones examines the provenance of six Japanese prints in the University Art Collection that speak of alumna Margaret Lake's long-lasting fascination with the ' Land of Nippon'.
  • Scenes from the Nile
    Conservation work has begun on a rich floor fresco in the Nicholson collections; conservator Dr Wendy Reade introduces her work.
  • Iconic Images
    A visit by author and art historian Professor Sasha Grishin sheds new light in the University Art Collection's religious icons. Katrina Liberiou presents some initial findings
  • Where there's a weft there's a way
    A delicate group of Coptic Egyptian domestic textiles , though to have been included with the deceased in burials, has found a new audience online - Suzanne Kortlucke tells their story.
  • Perfect Specimens
    The legacy of the Macleay fascination with insects, including their provenance and preservation, is explored by Robert Blackburn.
  • Come walk with us
    A stroll through the Camperdown Campus can become a journey through the University's collection of modern art, writes Dr Craig Barker.