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MUSE Issue 18

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Issue 18, October 2017

  • Sovereign Poet - Rebecca Conway explores the extraordinary life of HM Queen Sālote Tupou III of Tonga, the subject of a portrait held in the Macleay's Historic Photograph Collection.
  • In a digital world - Chris Jones and Jacqueline Spedding report on the progress of our extensive digitisation project.
  • Windows on the world - Vivienne Webb looks into artist Grace Cossington Smith's fascination with views through windows.
  • Travellers to Cyprus, art from Australia- Craig Barker and Diana Wood Conroy have curated an exhibition that tracks a history of engagement by contemporary Australian Artists with the Archaeology of Cyprus.
  • No bones about it - Paul Donnelly reports on an inspiring visit to Les galleries de Paléontologie et d'Anatomie compare.
  • Of tell and tomb - Jamie Fraser reminisces on the career of Basil Hennessy, a significant contributor to the history of the Nicholson collection.
  • A sacred animal - Peta Seaton discusses one of Basil Hennessy's most mysterious discoveries.
  • Not so very different - Glass negatives, from the Macleay Historic Photograph Collection, reveal a novel sports day reports Jan Brazier.
  • The gift of history - Jude Philp and Miranda Johnson report on a special workshop, highlighting the often overlooked history of women in the Pacific.
  • Artangentye working together – Rebecca Conway and Shaun Angeles Penangke explain their perspectives on collaborating across collections.
  • Magic boxes – Jude Philp, with Ngan Ying (Cherry) Mak and Wai Ping (Jackie) Lau on unlocking the mysteries of the Macleay Museum’s historic cabinets.
  • On history’s page – Candace Richards introduces an online volunteer project to transcribe the Nicholson Museum’s historic visitor books and unlock their secrets.
  • Revealing Details – Chris Jones zooms in on one of the recently digitised objects from the collection, a panoramic photograph of a feast day.