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MUSE Issue 13

Features this issue:

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Issue 13, February 2016

  • Alpha and Omega
    Opening with a unique flower, an exhibition in the Nicholson Museum honours the old and looks forward to the new.
  • DuĊĦan Marek: art/film post 1960
    We explore the multitalented Czech exile and surrealist’s painting and filmmaking.
  • Gene genius
    Gregor Mendel uncovered a whole new scientific field in the humble garden pea. We celebrate his work.
  • Stone age Stanley knife
    Artefacts from our prehistoric past reveal a shared humanity: developing cognition and skills that could be passed on.
  • Women in Power
    Chancellor Belinda Hutchinson AM’s speech, read by alumna Anne Summers, to open an important exhibition.
  • Tombs of time
    Pottery from an Early Bronze Age cemetery in Cyprus reveals a great experimentation with form.
  • Microscopic abstractions
    Images from under the microscope rendered large form intriguing works by an emerging artist.
  • Visions for the Macleay
    Architecture students apply their considerable skills to devise stunning designs for a new museum.
  • Grave secrets
    Roman marble funerary stones offer a glimpse into lives long past and encourage us to contemplate our own mortality.
  • Rites of passage
    Two students take a close look at Indonesian cultures through exquisite objects in the Macleay Museum.
  • Making history
    All the news on University of Sydney museums: talks, acquisitions, VIP visits, new staff, overseas trips, theatre.
  • Find your muse
    For your diary: everything that’s coming up at Sydney University Museums over the next few months.