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MUSE Issue 12

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Issue 12, October 2015

  • Beautiful stranger - Which classical figure is depicted by a statue in the Nicholson Museum.
  • Independence Day - Papua New Guinea is celebrating 40 years of freedom from Australian rule.
  • Women in Power - A unique exhibition comprises artworks from the Power collection.
  • One fish, two fish, red and blue fish - From tiny gobies to huge gropers, sleek tunas and fantastic seadragons, meet the Acanthomorpha family.
  • To restore or not to restore - Tourism is putting more pressure on governments to reconstruct ancient sites. But what are the risks?
  • Elephants never forget - The Macleay Museum's stairs have long been guarded by the imposing skull of Ghandi, a bull elephant. This is his story.
  • Mirror, mirror - Jack Redgate's exhibition, utilising the art of refracted light, is nothing short of illuminating.
  • The line of beauty - Lynette Jensen recently donated two plate engravings by William Hograth to the university. She explains why.
  • All that glisters is not gold - The Nicholson museum holds several Bronze Age replicas linked to two skilled artisans: Emile Gillieron and his son, also called Emile.
  • Work together - We pay tribute to Dr Gumbula, a YolÅ‹u community elder, University scholar and eminent musician.
  • Drawn together - Architecture students were invited to sketch museum items in a historical/cultural context. The results were unexpected.
  • Find your muse - Find out what's coming up at Sydney University Museums over the next three months