Behind the scenes...
with our collections management team

Stories about the activities of the Collections Management team at Sydney University Museums
Behind the scenes of Sydney University Museums is a dynamic Collections Management team. Here you will find a monthly update of stories and highlights of the projects that our team is currently working on.

We are responsible for exhibitions, conservation, storage, documentation, database management, loans, acquisitions, auditing and governance of the collections and work across the Macleay Museum, Nicholson Museum, and University Art Gallery.

The collections within Sydney University Museums are diverse and include natural history specimens, artworks, antiquities, scientific instruments, photographs, and ethnographic items. This diversity provides some exciting challenges and we work closely with the curatorial teams of each collection to ensure that objects, artworks and specimens are available for exhibition or research.

Each member of the Collections Management team has specific responsibilities related to their expertise, but we all help out with when needed and rely on the assistance of Museums Studies students and volunteers on a variety of tasks and projects.

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