Boxing Treasures

boxing treasures by Aggie Lu

During the past few months I was very luckily to be offered an internship position in the Collection Management team as part of the Master of Museum Studies program. I was able to learn about what takes place behind the scenes working with Julie Taylor, Senior Museum Collections Officer.

One of the major projects of the internship was making purpose-built archival boxes for a recent donation from Sandra Savides of historic photographic material including daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, and tintypes.

There are several issues to think about when designing an archival box for museum collections. The measurement must be precise to avoid the the risk of shaking or compressing of the object. Foam is attached on each side of the box to create further stability. For accessibility the boxes open flat so that the object can be viewed without removing it from the box thus reducing the risk of damaging the object. An image of the object and the registration number of each image are printed and stuck on the lid of the box. This enables easy access and arrangement of the items.

The opportunity to make purposed-built archival boxes for the photographs gave me an incredible sense of pride and satisfaction. Overall, this was an extremely eye-opening and knowledge/skill gaining experience. It has also strengthened my interest in pursuing work with museum collections in the future.