New acquisition of prints by William Hogarth

The University Art Gallery received a generous gift of two William Hogarth prints from Lynette Jensen this month. The donation was prompted by Lynette Jensen wish to honour the Department of Philosophy and highlight the importance of philosophy as a discipline, as well as being a practical tool for everyday life.

The two prints, plates I and II of Hogarth’s The Analysis of Beauty were originally made in 1753. The edition that we have received was printed by James Heath in 1822, the last printing using Hogarth’s original copper plates.

The prints are a companion to Hogarth’s publication The Analysis of Beauty: Written with a view to fixing the fluctuating ideas of taste in which he identifies the principles that he believes affect beauty. The two images have numbers throughout which relate to references throughout the text.

Plate I depicts a statuary yard (believed to be John Cheere's yard at Hyde Park Corner, London) containing copies of well-known classical sculptures including Medici Venus, Farnese Hercules, the Antinous, and the Laocoon. Plate II depicts a ball room scene.

In addition to the gift of the two prints, Lynette also provided a lot of supporting documentation regarding the history and significance of the prints. This type of care and generosity is greatly appreciated as it enables the creation of full catalogue records that we are then able to share through our Collection Search.