Physics acquisition

eye model

The Macleay Museum recently received a transfer of objects used by the Physics department. Many of our collections came to us as the result of transfers from University of Sydney departments. Recent examples include Geosciences, Architecture and Chemistry. This generally occurs when objects are no longer required for the purpose that they were originally purchased or made for. If the objects help us tell the story of teaching and research at the University of Sydney then we will consider acquiring them into the permanent collection.

The objects transferred from Physics include galvanometers, a mariner’s compass, a model of an eye (pictured), an electro-optic light modulator, a heliostat, and many other pieces of specialist equipment used to teach and investigate matter and its motion through time and space.

After our curatorial team made the final selection of objects, over 250 in total, the next step was to move them into storage. Now that they are safely stored we are able to start to catalogue the collection, describing what they are and how they were used at the university. For this task we will be able to collaborate with our colleagues in the Physics department.