Candace Richards

Assistant Curator, Nicholson Museum

BA (Hons I) Syd

Biographical details

Candace is the Assistant Curator of the Nicholson Museum, and has been part of the Sydney University Museums team for over 10 years. Her work is currently focused on the development of new research projects and exhibitions of the Nicholson's archaeology and antiquities collections for the Chau Chak Wing Museum.

Candace is an archaeologist interested in Mediterranean and Balkan archaeology and has worked on several research and commercial excavations in Europe and Australia. Most recently she is a senior team member of the Paphos Theatre Archaeological Project and is undertaking research on recycling and reuse in the area of Nea Paphos.

Research interests

  • Mediterranean and Balkan Archaeology
  • Recycling and spolia in the ancient Mediterranean
  • Digital humanities in museums.


2015 Curator, Memento: Remembering Roman Lives, Nicholson Museum, University of Sydney. October 2015 - current.
  Co-curator, Children in Antiquity: Greece and Egypt, Nicholson Museum, University of Sydney. July 2015 -current.

Academic publications


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Richards, C. Malmer, M. (2013). The stamped and inscribed finds from the excavations at Bylazora. In The Bylazora excavations: 2008-2010, vol. 1. Canyon Lake USA: The Texas Foundation for Archaeological and Historical Research. 95-100.

Other articles


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