Dr Paul Donnelly

Associate Director – Museum Content, Chau Chak Wing Museum (incorporating the Macleay Museum, Nicholson Museum and University Art Collection)

BA Hons, USyd; MA Applied History, UTS Sydney; PhD USyd

Biographical details

For his Near Eastern honours thesis Paul studied and illustrated the ancient Egyptian amulets in the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences. He enjoyed it so much he spent the next 26 years working there – initially in collection management from where he moved to different curatorial roles across the collection and including periods as Principal Curator. During this time he continued his archaeological research at University of Sydney excavations, notably Pella in Jordan where he has been a team member since 1989, and which was also a focus for his doctorate on a Bronze-Age fine ceramic called ‘Chocolate-on-White ware’. Paul is also a member of the renewed excavations at Zagora in Andros, Greece which was funded by an ARC grant to partners, University of Sydney, Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens, The Archaeological Society at Athens, and the Powerhouse (Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, Sydney).

Paul is an Honorary Associate of the Department of Archaeology and participates on the committees of the Near Eastern Archaeology Foundation (NEAF) at the University of Sydney, of which he is a Founding Member (1986) and currently Vice President; Committee Member of The Australiana Society (since 2005); and Council Member (MAAS rep) Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens (since 1995).

Research interests

  • Ancient Mediterranean material culture
  • Bronze Age ceramics of the Eastern Mediterranean.
  • Excavation and research involvement at Pella, Jordan; Zagora, Greece.
  • Numismatics esp. repurposed coinage as love tokens and political tokens.
  • History of architecture.
  • History of design, especially furniture.
  • Museum collections



Curator, ReCollect: Architectural models, Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, Sydney, September 2014-Februaruy 2015


Contributing curator, A Fine Possession: Jewellery in Australia, Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, Sydney, December 2014 - 2016


Curator, Seven Australian Designers, (with Anne-Marie Van de Ven) Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, Sydney, July – November 2013


Coordinating curator, George Nelson: Architect, Writer, Designer, Teacher, from Vitra design Museum for Sydney Design 2013, Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, Sydney, July December 2013


Contributing curator, The Great Wall of China: Dragons, Dynasties, Warriors, Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, Sydney


Coordinating curator, Other Histories: Guan Wei’s fable in a Contemporary World, Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, Sydney


Curator, Greek Treasures from the Benaki Museum at Athens, Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, Sydney


Curator, Beirut to Baghdad: Communities, Collecting and Culture, Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, Sydney


Curator, 1000 Years of the Olympic Games: Treasures of Ancient Greece, Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, Sydney


Curator, Wattan, Australian-Arabic Community Program funded by ICE and PHM (run by Alissar Chidiac), exhibitions and programs, Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, Sydney


Curator, Convict Love Tokens at the Hyde Park Barracks Museum, Sydney

Selected Publications


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