Wheelchair access to the museums

Nicholson Museum

For patrons requiring wheelchair access to public events or lectures at the Nicholson Museum, please inform the front desk staff when purchasing your tickets, so appropriate seating can be arranged.

For visitors requiring wheelchair access to the museum, please enter the Quadrangle via the Eastern Lobby beneath the Clocktower.

Once inside, move through the lobby and within the interior courtyard of the Quadrangle. Take the pathway on the left for entrance through the double doors and into the Southern Lobby. The museum is located on the right inside the lobby.

Visitors coming into the Quadrangle from Science Road can enter through the War Memorial Arch in the Northern Lobby. The Nicholson Museum is located directly across the Quadrangle at the southern end of the building.

Accessible toilets

The Quadrangle’s main toilets are located at the northern end of the building on the ground floor. The toilets are accessible from the interior courtyard area of the Quadrangle. There is an unisex accessible toilet within the main male toilets.

These wheelchair accessible toilets can be reached via the Eastern Lobby entrance beneath the Clocktower. An additional toilet for female patrons with limited mobility is available behind the Information Centre in the Quadrangle (beneath the Clocktower).


For parking and drop-offs, go to University Place, outside the Quadrangle. Parking is available outside the entrance to the Great Hall.

Accessible parking is also available at the southern end of the Quadrangle, between University Place and Manning Road, and at the eastern end of Science Road. Science Road is accessible from Western Avenue and the Ross Street Gate.

We recommend patrons using wheelchairs do not use the Law School carpark, as there is no fast and direct access to the Nicholson Museum from this area.

The best options for accessible parking are the two clearly signposted accessible carparks at University Place (outside the Great Hall) and in the parking area at the southern end of the Quadrangle. If these spots are taken by other visitors, comparable parking is available at the eastern end of Science Road, which is accessible by vehicle from Western Avenue and the Ross Street Gate.

Parking on University grounds is free to all patrons displaying a current Mobility Parking Scheme card, previously know as Disabled Parking Permit.