Access to Facilities

Room booking policy


The Sydney Conservatorium of Music has a broad range of rooms and venues available for the use of students, staff and outside hirers. These include the following:

  • Practice rooms
  • Seminar rooms
  • Studios
  • Ensemble Rooms
  • Performance venues

There are many competing demands made of these spaces. The Venue Operations Department manages all rooms and venues in the SCM and is responsible for the timetabling of academic classes and casual bookings. The following procedures for booking these facilities will ensure efficient management and usage of rooms and venues by students and staff.

NB. The use of any room or venue in the building for private reasons or benefit (such as teaching) is not permitted unless venue hire contracts are completed and associated fees paid.

Please take care to read the Sydney Conservatorium of Music Work, Health and Safety Information


Booking a Room/Venue
You can check the availability of any bookable room (not including studios) on line at any time at

Staff may make bookings at any time via phone (9351 1254) in person to the Space and Timetabling Coordinators in Room 4026 or via email . As performance venues are heavily booked and resources such as staff, instruments or recording equipment may be required, booking well ahead of the required date is recommended. Confirmations of bookings are emailed to the relevant staff member.

Students must book rooms/venues a minimum of 24 hours (not counting weekends) and a maximum of 2 weeks prior to the required date. Requests may be made in person to the Space and Timetabling Coordinators in Room 4026 or via email . Email requests must come via a Sydney University email address. A student ID number must also be quoted. A confirmation will be emailed or printed out. This must be presented as proof of the booking and to enable rooms to be unlocked by attendants. Without this document you may be requested to leave the space.

Furniture, pianos, wall panels or other resources must not be tampered with or moved. With the exception of bottled water, no food or drink is permitted in rooms or venues. No private teaching is permitted in any venue at the Conservatorium of Music. Do not leave personal items or instruments unattended in any room or venue at any time.

Practice Rooms
These rooms are not bookable nor can they be reserved, but are open to SCM students for private and group rehearsals during University operating hours (Mon – Fri, 7.00am – 10.00pm).

On Sundays only the Level 3 practice rooms will be available to students from 10.00am to 6.00pm. No other levels or rooms including ensemble rooms will be available. The building’s front doors will remain closed. Students enter through the side glass door at the front of the building by swiping the reader with their student card. Non-students are not permitted in the building on Sundays.

Seminar Rooms
Staff may book seminar rooms when not used for academic classes.

Students are not able to book seminar rooms. Groups who are registered with Sydney University Clubs and Societies may book seminar rooms between 1pm and 2pm weekdays. Outside of these times the University of Sydney Union fees will apply as described on the USU website. (

Staff, both part-time and full-time may have a studio allocated to them for teaching and/or research and administration. Other teaching studios are booked and timetabled at the Administration Office, Room 2151. On Saturdays during AMEB examination periods, studios will be utilized for exams. Personal effects and sensitive material should be removed or locked away.

Students may be able to utilise unallocated studios when available on weekdays only. Requests are to be made in person to the Administration Office, Room 2151.

Ensemble Rooms/Performance Venues
Staff may book ensemble rooms and performance venues when available for lectures, seminars, rehearsals, exams, recordings and other approved Sydney Conservatorium of Music activities. Approvals for concerts and masterclasses go through the relevant committees. If you wish to perform in a non-SCM concert, as a member of staff you attract a generous discount to our venue hire rates. Except in rare circumstances, students (other than organ students) may not use the Verbrugghen Hall. Chair of Units must make the request on a student’s behalf for this space.

Students may book ensemble rooms and performance venues (with exception of the Verbrugghen Hall) when available for a maximum of 2 hours. Bookings must be made 24hrs prior. Except in rare circumstances, students (other than organ students) may not use the Verbrugghen Hall.

If you wish to hire a venue for rehearsal or a concert, as a University student you attract a generous discount to our venue hire rates. Requests to hire venues must be made to the Venue Manager in Room 4026 or via email .

Unless venues are hired under an external hire agreement, it is not permitted to charge admission to any concert, masterclass, lecture or event. Ticketing charges are applied only to concerts scheduled and approved by the Performance Coordinating Committee.