Wireless @ the CON

Stage I of the CON's wireless data network have been completed with 7 access points providing wireless coverage in:

  • Music Cafe
  • Level 3 foyer
  • The Atrium
  • Musictech Labs and Recording Studios
  • Faculty Meeting Room and Faculty Administration area

See maps of coverage area for each level by clicking on the menu at left.

The Con's Wireless Network is available to all students of The University of Sydney. UniKey account is required to access the wireless network which will enable Free access to University's sites.

To access external sites, proxy is required and there is some additional costs. visit Switch - Internet services & Cost for details.

For further information and instructions, visit Introduction to Sydney University's Wireless Network for details.

If you require assistant, please contact:
ICT Helpdesk:
Phone: 02 9351 6000