A wide range of support is available to Conservatorium students. The Conservatorium has an SRC caseworker for undergraduate students provided by the Students' Representative Council. You can also access support and advice through the first year mentoring program, year advisors, and disabilities and sexual harassment officer.

Conservatorium students can also make use of the general services and assistance provided by the University. For more information about the types of support offered please visit the Student Services website.

The Students' Representative Council at the Conservatorium

Counselling is available at the Conservatorium every Thursday. Walk-in and appointment sessions are available. Bookings can be made through counselling service reception. Phone: 8627 8433.

Counselling is also available through the University at the main campus.

The SRC can help you with any questions you may heave about academic appeals, show cause and exclusion, as well as any welfare matters such as Centrelink and tenancy. For more information about the SRC please visit

Student Counselling

If you require the services of a counsellor please utilise the services on the Camperdown Campus:

Counselling Service Office
Level 5
Jane Foss Russell Building
T: 8627 8433

They provide both appointments and walk-in service 5 days a week (9am-5pm), all year round.

Support for International students is available through Counselling and Psychological Services (CAPS). CAPS provides an integrated counselling and welfare service to international students and helps students cope with the challenges of living and studying in an unfamiliar culture. It is also a resource centre for students and their families.

Disability Services

Disability Services helps students who have a disability to access reasonable adjustments, and provides advice to prospective students about support services.

SCM Academic Advisor Contacts

First Year Advisor
Chris Coady
Phone: 9351 1407

Second Year Advisor
Lewis Cornwell
Phone: 9351 1275

Third Year Advisor
Alan Maddox
Phone: 9351 1289

Fourth Year Advisor
Professor Neal Peres Da Costa
Phone: 9351 1273

Graduate Student Advisor
Associate Professor Kathleen Nelson
Phone: 9351 1272

Student Administration
All student administration enquiries need to be made via the types of support offered please visit the Student Services website.

New Student Admissions Enquiries