Fund Raising Goals

The SCM Foundation plans to raise $49m over the next 5 years from a variety of sources and activities. The funds will be used to provide ongoing financial support for the following purposes:

  1. Scholarships
  2. Endowment of 8 full-time Chairs
  3. Establishing a Centre of Research Excellence in Performance and Creativity
  4. Instrument acquisition
  5. HD Con - Development of advanced technology
  6. The touring program

Currently, the endowment is $33.8 million (Source: Investment and Capital Management, University of Sydney).

Five percent of the total amount held in endowment is made available for expenditure on scholarships each year, in accordance with benefactors' wishes. Annual income in excess of 5% is re-invested to ensure that the endowment maintains its real value and keeps pace with inflation.

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