Governance and Quality

Learning and Teaching Committee

The Faculty’s Learning and Teaching Committee focuses on improving the quality of teaching and student learning. The Committee is structured to encourage active consultation with each teaching area, as well as with the student body and other key areas.

Associate Dean (Learning & Teaching) and Chair of the Committee is .

The Committee seeks to foster a strong and dynamic learning and teaching culture within the Faculty by:

  • Monitoring and reporting on learning and teaching developments within the larger university community, including the implications of technological change.
  • Providing information and advice on policies and practices relating to effective learning and teaching.
  • Fostering a broad range of student and staff support structures.
  • Facilitating informed discussion of learning and teaching issues.
  • Developing the Faculty Teaching and Learning Plan and preparing related submissions.

2014 Teaching Quality Standards Compact: 1 January to 31 July 2014

1. Faculty USE performance report

To increase the number of faculty seeking student feedback on their teaching. To utilise USE and the bespoke performance teacher evaluation and ensemble unit evaluations facilitate by ITL.

2. Improvement targets

  1. Maintain 80% agreement levels across USE units
  2. Aim for 1/3 performance faculty to undertake performance teacher evaluation
  3. Evaluate ensemble units in a cyclic fashion
  4. Ensure that there are ‘hub’ sites for instrumental units
  5. Focus on social inclusion and widening participation
  6. Focus on cultural competence

3. Proposed strategies to achieve targets

  1. Ensure evaluation strategies are targeted in AP&D
  2. Encourage performance staff uptake through bulletin, committee structures etc.
  3. Work with e-learning team to further develop hubs
  4. Normalise inclusion and WP activity through the ‘buddy’ scheme
  5. Include cultural competence in faculty development workshops

4. Support requested to implement strategies

  1. ITL support for performance and ensemble evaluation instruments
  2. Support from ISS for cultural competence
  3. Support from social inclusion team when required for buddy program