Student Plagiarism and Academic Honesty

Procedure for handling suspected cases of Plagiarism

If a student is suspected of Plagiarism:

  • a report is to be sent to the "Nominated Faculty" member for academic honesty – (Professor Anna Reid, Associate Dean of Learning and Teaching) by the lecturer. The staff member needs to submit a report that includes a summary of the accusation, student name/ID, Unit of Study and course number, copies of the assignment and the alleged source.
  • The nominated faculty member will then assess the case and decide (with help from Pro-Dean Academic if needed) if this is a case of Negligent plagiarism or Dishonest plagiarism.
  • If deemed Negligent plagiarism a discussion with the teacher/CoU will take place to decide what is appropriate action to be taken regarding the assignment, ie. re-submit or zero grade.
  • The student in question is brought in to meet with the nominated academic to discuss the situation and issue a written warning. They will also be counselled as to University Policy (a copy of the Policy will be given to them). A copy of the written warning will also be kept on file at the SCM student administration.
  • If the student already has a written warning on record and the current case is deemed “dishonest plagiarism” then the matter will be referred to the registrar.

The full University Procedure and Policy on Plagiarism

Academic Honesty and Plagiarism Report

A Reporting template can be downloaded here

Please attach:

  • a copy of the original assignment
  • the student’s submission with lecturer’s comments
  • the alleged source

Submit all materials to Professor Anna Reid