Staying on Track

A University-wide run program, “Staying on Track” is designed to help students achieve their academic potential.

“The program allows the University to recognise when students are experiencing difficulty meeting the minimum academic progression requirements for their degree and provides students with a wide range of support services to assist with their ongoing studies.” from Sydney University website

If you feel that you are struggling academically, your first port of call should always be your lecturer. Often he/she can help you devise strategies to better stay on top of the required study and assignments. Another invaluable resource available to all conservatorium students are the academic advisors:

Conservatorium Advisers

  • First Year Adviser: Chris Coady,
  • Second Year Adviser: Lewis Cornwell,
  • Third Year Adviser: Alan Maddox,
  • Fourth Year Adviser: Neal Peres Da Costa,
  • Graduate Student Adviser: Anna Reid,
  • International students may contact the International Student Support Unit +61 2 8627 8437
  • Counselling Service:
    Telephone: (02) 8627 8433
  • Student Representative Council (SRC)

    Telephone: (02) 9660 4260

If you fail to meet the academic standards required for the Unit of Study you will be automatically enrolled in the “Staying On Track Program”. You will be required to attend a “Staying On Track Information Session”, which will cover study skills and provide an introduction to remedial learning services and counselling services.

For more details on the University’s Staying On Track program please click here