Quantum Simulation

Developing quantum systems and control techniques to enable innovative computing approaches.

Associate Professor Michael J. Biercuk’s group’s research using trapped atomic ions is seeking to harness and exploit quantum mechanical phenomena as resources, powering a new generation of quantum technologies. The group have had extraordinary successes – from quantum control to quantum metrology.

“The facilities we've designed and built in the Sydney Nanoscience Hub over the past five years are truly among the most advanced in the world. The extraordinary level of controls we've realised in the building are the fundamental enablers allowing us to make serious advances in our work,” said Associate Professor Biercuk.

Project leader - Professor Michael Biercuk

Professor Michael Biercuk

Professor Michael Biercuk is an experimental physicist working to engineer a new generation of advanced quantum technologies. He is the Director of the Quantum Control Laboratory, part of the ARC Centre for Engineered Quantum Systems at the University of Sydney. His research program is focused on the discovery of new physics through control of matter and light at the quantum level, and the generation of new technologies exploiting the stragest effects in quantum mechanics.

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