National Centre for Cultural Competence

The National Centre for Cultural Competence (NCCC) is a call to the University community and broader society to connect with the innovation, ideas, excitement and opportunity of cultural competence. The Centre establishes the University of Sydney as one of the first universities in the world to address cultural competence at a whole-of-university level.

Cultural competence is the ability to participate ethically and effectively in personal and professional intercultural settings. It requires being aware of one’s own cultural values and world view and their implications for making respectful, reflective and reasoned choices, including the capacity to imagine and collaborate across cultural boundaries. Cultural competence is, ultimately, about valuing diversity for the richness and creativity it brings to society.

The National Centre for Cultural Competence will develop and integrate cultural competence through innovative learning, teaching, research and engagement. We will introduce these innovations firstly from the standpoint of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. The program will be expanded to fully embrace the cultural diversity of the University, our region and the wider international community.

Join our journey as we work to build cultural competence within the wider community.

Our commitment

The NCCC recognises the complexity of culture and people, and the importance of ongoing connection with community.

Our projects

The NCCC is developing innovative research and tools to be used by individuals, organisations and communities at all stages of their cultural competence journey.

Our partnerships

The NCCC is developing partnerships with other universities, industry, the public sector and government to develop knowledge and build capacity in cultural competence.