Neurosciences Network

The Sydney Neuroscience Network brings together a pan-University, multidisciplinary team of researchers dedicated to pursuing and developing collaborative research projects. The overarching goal of the Network will be to provide a framework to foster and coordinate synergies to create more and better connections of a multidisciplinary nature in neuroscience and mental health research and teaching across the University, including all relevant faculties and affiliated teaching hospitals and institutes.

News and events

SAVE THE DATE: Inter-university Neuroscience and Mental Health Conference, 29-30 Sept 2014

Stay tuned for information about our joint neuroscience and mental health conference between The University of Sydney, Macquarie University, The University of New South Wales, and the University of Western Sydney, to be held at the University of Sydney. Details to follow. Please direct queries to SNN Coordinator.

ECR Network

We have created a special network on LinkedIn for Early-Career Researchers (ECRs) to post regular announcements concerning important social or scientific events for ECRs as well as interesting talks, funding opportunities and other career-related information. Discussions between members of the Network are actively encouraged (provided they remain professional in nature). Researchers outside of the University of Sydney are welcome to join the group and should feel free to contribute to the community. Simply conduct a group search for “The Sydney Neuroscience Network” and request to join. We look forward to seeing you there!