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19 September 2016
Barcelona cool and sexy but not a good look for Sydney

As Sydney's population continues to expand, it's Toyko we need to look at for inspiration, writes Associate Professor Pablo Guillen Alvarez.

06 September 2016
Conserving a concrete masterpiece

Sydney Opera House, as part of the Getty Foundation’s international Keeping It Modern grant program, collaborated with University of Sydney and Arup to explore ways to improve the consistency and range of data collected in the tap tests of the sails.

05 September 2016
Open letter to the NSW Premier on Sydney’s housing affordability

The state’s leading planning experts, housing and homeless peaks and property sector representatives have called on the NSW government to act now on housing affordability to ensure Sydney remains a livable city for key workers and people on low and moderate incomes.

24 August 2016
Research grant awarded to manufacture multi-storey houses

The University of Sydney and Lendlease have been awarded a $3 million grant by the Australian Government to undertake a collaborative research project to develop prefabricated multi-storey housing solutions.

10 August 2016
Smart cities: does this mean more transport disruptions?

A plethora of new and personalised ways of getting around cities are emerging – electric bikes, motorised scooters, electric vehicles, car sharing and re-interpretations of the taxi by Uber, writes Professor Robyn Dowling.

04 August 2016
In praise of the Sirius building, a ruined remnant of idealistic times

With a ministerial refusal to act on the NSW Heritage Council’s findings, Sydney’s Sirius building has lost its heritage appeal. Demolition is now imminent and the building has been, philosophically at least, abandoned.

02 August 2016
We are wasting our waste

Australia needs technology innovations, in particular, new technologies for the sustainable processing of industrial waste or by-products.  

28 July 2016
Home ownership: facts and fiction

In this podcast Chris is joined by Professor Nicole Gurran, urban planning and policy analyst to talk housing affordability. 

28 July 2016
A turning point in architecture sees the end of starchitects

Contemporary iconic architecture, which became increasingly popular in the late 1990s, has now reached saturation point as the starchitects of yesterday are replaced by a new generation of architects looking for moral purpose.

25 July 2016
How can intelligent planning and technology ease Sydney’s growing pains?

With the Sydney population projected to grow to 5.89 million people by 2031, the city’s transport, public services and green spaces will be under a great deal of pressure. The University of Sydney’s third Festival of Urbanism will investigate what can be done to help ease the pressure on the global city.

21 June 2016
Pioneering technology rolls out to track the Australian indoor climate

The University of Sydney’s IEQ (Indoor Environmental Quality) lab, in partnership with several major corporations, is rolling out ground-breaking technology that will track the indoor climate in the largest survey of Australian workplaces.

17 June 2016
How the Property Council is shaping the debate around negative gearing and taxes

We see their spokespeople quoted in the papers and their ads on TV, but beyond that we know very little about how Australia’s lobby groups get what they want.

30 May 2016
Vote As You Go fosters a greater community voice

In the lead up to any government election, politicians spend weeks on the campaign trail seeking the opinion and support of the Australian public. What if the views of voters on the street could be captured in real-time by the push of a button or swipe of a hand?

12 May 2016
Students exhibit at the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale

A group of University of Sydney students will participate in the premier Venice Architecture Biennale, which is expected to draw around 200,000 international visitors from 28 May to 27 November 2016.

05 May 2016
Robot art, architecture and design in live lab

Robots that mimic human hand gestures, do life drawings, and print intricate 2D and 3D clay shapes and structures form a pop-up lab in the new exhibition, Robots in Architecture 2016 - Developing the Future, at the University of Sydney’s Tin Sheds Gallery.

28 April 2016
Will Habitat III defend the human right to the city?

Luar Batang, one of Jakarta’s oldest waterfront squatter areas, is being flattened. Residents and their homes will be removed to free up flood-prone land and access to the city for tourists. Thousands of people will be evicted, disrupting if not destroying livelihoods, jobs, homes and long-established social networks.

01 April 2016
Operatic scale conservation

Sydney’s iconic Opera House has embarked on a concrete conservation project that will keep the grand diva of construction looking its best for future artists, audiences and visitors.

30 March 2016
Students in design-athon to help people with disabilities

This week up to 40 students from the University of Sydney will take part in a design-athon to mastermind new products and technology that could help improve the lives of people living with a disability.

08 March 2016
Free Macleay Museum exhibition visualises climate data

Rapid Prototyping: Models of Climate Change is an exhibition of the work of Kate Dunn, who takes climate scientists’ data and reworks them into 3D visualisations using 3D printers and sustainable materials such as clay, coffee and wood pulp. 

29 February 2016
Human-robot chemistry created on the dance floor

Award-winning Taiwanese dancer, choreographer and inventor Huang Yi to dance alongside KUKA, his robot companion.