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Business and economics

16 February 2017
Trailblazer tales help authors vie for literary prize

Two University of Sydney historians are in the running for Australia’s richest business literature prize.    

15 February 2017
How leaders can better sell economic reform

Policy makers must move away from believing voter disaffection amounts to apathy, writes Associate Professor Anika Gauja.

13 February 2017
Crowdfunding venture backs individual quest for something better

Business School graduates launched Journey Crowdfunding with the aim of empowering individuals in need and supporting their quest for a better life. 

07 February 2017
How unspoken collusion fixed petrol prices

A study detailing 'tacit collusion' by major fuel firms leads an MP to urge measures to protect consumers and ensure greater competition on petrol prices. 

07 February 2017
Can you sue someone for giving you a bad reference?

Australian defamation law applies to all forms of communication. Despite the wide application of defamation law, you have very limited recourse if you've been given a bad reference by an employer, writes Professor David Rolph.

25 January 2017
Time for progressive fair trade policies

As US President Donald Trump rejects the Trans-Pacific Partnership, it's time to rethink trade policy and produce credible and inclusive fair trade, writes Dr Patricia Ranald in the Sydney Morning Herald.

24 January 2017
'New collar' jobs will be old-fashioned, our response should be too

Benefits from technological change must be shared equitably, writes Dr Samuel Wills in The Conversation.

23 January 2017
Explainer: What are workers rights to pay in the gig economy?

Whether it be Uber or Airtasker, most workers in the gig economy want to be paid a fair rate for their work. How does the law protect the rights of these workers? Professor Joellen Riley, Dean of Sydney Law School, explains. 

15 December 2016
Top 10 tips for first-year students

Your first year on campus can be intimidating. New people. New classes. New locations. We asked current University of Sydney students to share the things they have learned during their time on campus.

12 December 2016
We need strict penalties for insider trading

Insider trading is not a victimless crime. In the wake of the Senate inquiry into financial crime, Dr Juliette Overland from the Business School explains why we need strict penalties.