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13 September 2017
Largest donation in Business School’s history to fund MBA scholarships

Alek Safarian, the founder of Australia’s largest private medical research firm, Novotech, has donated $1.4 million to fund an ongoing University of Sydney Business School MBA scholarship because he says a “good education is integral to success in life”.

11 September 2017
Business School takes "extraordinary" leap in elite FT world rankings

The University of Sydney Business School’s flagship program remains at number one in Australia for the fifth successive year and has leapt into the world’s top 25 in rankings published by London-based Financial Times.

08 September 2017
Top spot for first time entrant in prestigious MBA ranking

The University of Sydney Business School’s MBA is the nation’s number one program of its kind, according to the biennial MBA ranking published by the Australian Financial Review’s highly respected BOSS magazine.

01 September 2017
America's risky nuclear buildup

Growing nuclear arsenals are contributing to global instability, writes doctoral researcher Stuart Rollo for the New York Times.

31 August 2017
Australian pilot study into activity-based working announced

The University of Sydney, together with Southern Cross University and interior design firm Cachet Group, will undertake a collaborative research project to assess the impact of activity-based working in Australian offices.

30 August 2017
Improving working memory and attention in primary school students

Memory Mates is a new program for primary schools that helps children who experience working memory and attention difficulties. 

25 August 2017
How banks can win public trust back

A bank's claim that "trust is critical to our business" sits very awkwardly with its recent track record, writes Professor David Kinley for the ABC.

21 August 2017
Confronting radical extremism

Radicalisation and terrorism are key issues of our time. In the first episode of the Open for Discussion podcast's second season, Hussain Nadim discusses the latest research on confronting radical extremism.

14 August 2017
The traditional MBA is dead, declares University of Sydney

The University of Sydney Business School is seeking to recruit a highly diverse student cohort for its new full-time MBA program with a campaign delivering the message that “the traditional MBA is dead”.

09 August 2017
Explainer: what is the gender pay gap?

What are the causes of Australia’s gender pay gap? Dr Elizabeth Hill, expert in work and family policy from the Department of Political Economy, explains.