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18 July 2017
Sydney hosts prestigious Harvard conference

The Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations 2017 Asia conference is being held in Sydney from August 17-21. Over 600 delegates from over 70 countries will be coming to our shores to attend this unique event.

04 July 2017
Students returning home to make a difference

From a diverse range of areas including biomedical engineering, medicine and education, the next generation of change-makers are heading home to help solve the challenges their countries face.

03 July 2017
Drug company promotion to doctors endemic in Australia

An analysis of drug company-funded events in Australia has raised concerns about commercial influence. Researchers created a searchable database providing valuable transparency following changes to disclosure requirements. 

30 June 2017
How to grow food in the post-truth era

The democratic governance of food and agriculture policy is under threat, writes Dr Alana Mann. So how do we grow food in the post-truth era?

21 June 2017
Australia’s bulwark against the far right

Australia’s history of never having been a great world power works against the rise of populism and the far right, writes Dr David Smith in the New York Times. 

07 June 2017
Who will win the 2017 UK election?

As the UK prepares to head to the polls for the general election, University of Sydney experts weigh in with their predictions for the Prime Minister and the country's future.

05 June 2017
Bridging the academic-practice divide for global development

The Rt Hon Helen Clark will join executives and thought leaders of Australian NGOs and universities in a unique cross-sector program focused on partnership. 

31 May 2017
Why Trump demands a post-post-truth response

Is Donald Trump post-truth, post-modern or simply preposterous? What was a media spasm, has now reached impeachable levels of high crimes and misdemeanours, writes Professor James Der Derian.

29 May 2017
Five things you should know about the 1967 Referendum

As we celebrate 50 years since the 1967 Referendum let’s reflect upon some of the key facts from this important milestone in Australia’s journey towards reconciliation.

18 May 2017
So is the wave of populist nationalism finished? Hardly.

Despite centrist Emmanuel Macron's victory in the French presidential election, Professor Pippa Norris, writing for the Washington Post, explains it's too early to herald the demise of populism.