Menzies Centre for Health Policy new appointment

18 September 2013

The Menzies Centre for Health Policy and HCF Research Foundation have joined forces to attract Associate Professor Adam Elshaug, an academic with an increasing reputation in the field of disinvestment in low value health care.

The Menzies Centre for Health Policy and the HCF Research Foundation are pleased to announce the appointment of Associate Professor Adam Elshaug as the HCF Research Foundation Principal Research Fellow and NHMRC Sidney Sax Public Health Fellow at the University of Sydney. Associate Professor Elshaug's appointment is made possible by generous support from the HCF Research Foundation.

Professor Andrew Wilson, Director of MCHP said: "The Menzies Centre is very excited about this appointment. Associate Professor Elshaug has an increasing reputation in the field of policies related to reducing waste and optimising value in health by promoting care which is effective, appropriate and efficient.

"In essence the delivery of the right care at the right time in the right place. It is highly topical and important given the concerns in health systems around the world to improve the value for money spent in the health care sector and with improving patient outcomes."

Professor Wilson is confident that Associate Professor Elshaug's expertise will enhance the academic profile and competitive standing of the University of Sydney in health policy and health service research.

About Associate Professor Elshaug: Adam Elshaug is an internationally recognised health services and policy researcher with expertise in reducing waste and optimizing value in health care. He was a 2010-11 Commonwealth Fund Harkness Fellow based at the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) in Washington DC. From mid-2011 to mid-2013 he then served as NHMRC Sidney Sax Public Health Fellow in the Department of Health Care Policy, Harvard Medical School, Boston. In parallel, he became The Commonwealth Fund's Inaugural Visiting Fellow for 2012-13. Previously he was Senior Research Fellow in the School of Population Health, University of Adelaide, where he earned his MPH and PhD. In addition to a strong program of primary research, Associate Professor Elshaug works closely with government and third party payers in health care to design and implement reforms aimed at optimizing heath care safety and value.

About the Menzies Centre for Health Policy (MCHP): The Menzies Centre for Health Policy is the leading scholarly voice on health policy in Australia. It operates from nodes at the University of Sydney and Australian National University (ANU) and brings together scholars and practitioners with broad expertise in health policy, economics and health services research.

About the HCF Research Foundation: In June 2000, HCF established The HCF Health and Medical Research Foundation, a not-for-profit charitable trust established to encourage health service research for the benefit of HCF contributors and the public generally. The Foundation considers the main goals of health services research are to identify the most effective ways to organize, manage, finance, and deliver high quality care; reduce medical errors; and improve patient safety.

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